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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

A air conditioner’s efficiency for heating and cooling is measured by the coefficient of performance (COP) and energy efficiency ratio (EER) respectively.

The ratios represent the heating and cooling capability per unit, relative to the amount of power input required to generate it. Air conditioning units with higher COP and EER ratings are more energy efficient.

Conventionally, air conditioning COP (heating) and EER (cooling) ratios are above 3. Therefore, for every 1 kW of power used, the air conditioning unit will provide at least 3 kW of heating and cooling.

This is significantly more cost-effective when compared with more conventional methods of heating and cooling.

Controllable comfort

Modern air conditioning systems (heat pumps) allow you to enjoy a perfect indoor temperature in any room within your home or office. 

Rooms can be kept cool and comfortable throughout the warmest of summer temperatures, and an additional benefit of today’s air conditioning systems is that they can heat your environment too. This enables a constant level of comfort throughout the year.

Reduces Humidity

The reason people feel so uncomfortable when humidity levels rise is because our bodies cool off by perspiring. When a location is humid, the air has more moisture in it, making it more difficult for sweat to evaporate.

Air conditioning units have a dry (also known as tear drop) mode function, which reduces the humidity (not entirely), and the associated temperature, in a room. This function, which is most convenient during rainy and humid months, increases comfortability significantly.

Dry mode is often compared and confused with the cool mode. To some extent they do not feel different. However, they are very different in terms of function and the result.

On the remote, the dry mode is shown by a water drop symbol, whereas the cool mode is frequently symbolised by a snow flake.

Improves Air Quality

Your air conditioning system is doing a lot more than just cooling down your home or office, it’s also helping to keep your indoor air quality at a high level.

Indoor air quality can be measured by the following indicators:

  • Cleanliness of the air
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Odour

Each of these indicators has a huge effect on your comfort and well-being in your environment. Therefore, paying a little attention to your air conditioning system can have a huge effect on your indoor air quality and energy consumption.

Maintenance on your air conditioning system is very important. At Shanley Air Conditioning we have seen many air conditioning systems with blocked filters – not only are these filters ineffective, they’re also letting pollen, dust, and other allergens into your controlled space, which may aggravate allergies. Blocked filters also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioning system, which may lead to more frequent repairs or permanent damage.

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